My name is Alysa Villanueva and welcome to my AP Bio page! Feel free to check my website out and let me know if you have any questions.

AP Biology

Welcome to My Blog!

My name is Alysa Villanueva and I am a member of Notre Dame High School’s AP Bio team 2019-2020.

Some things I love include doing cheer, going to Boba Guys, hearing oldies on my vinyl, and watching sunsets.

My love for biology and science comes from my deep love and passion for food. I love to try new foods and travel with my family. I hope to purse a career in nutritional science and one day open my own restaurant.

About me!

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Dear Future AP Bio…

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4 thoughts on “Home

  1. AP Bio has been a class I will always hold dear to my heart. I have come to find that everything I do relates back to the material I have learned in AP bio. Even when I faced challenges, I always knew that something good would come. I have allowed myself to be okay with not always succeeding or knowing what I am doing. AP bio has not only taught me so much but the class has ignited a love for science I hope I will care with me on my journey in college and in pursuing my career. Thank AP bio, Mrs. Giarard, and my teammates for helping me, guiding me, loving me, and giving me so so much. I will truly miss going on our many adventures but I definitely feel prepared to embark on my own now. Thank you and Bio-on!

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  2. Alysa! What an amazing accomplishment you have here! Thinking back to that day during the first semester and spent the entire lunch period trying to fix our blog, you have come such a long way. I love how personal your website is with the different layouts and great use of pictures. I also like your additional page about food because I know how you want to become a chef when you are older. Overall, I really enjoy your website and I don’t think I would change a single thing!

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  3. Loved every aspect of your website Alysa it truly does have a touch of who you are written all over it. I really enjoyed reading on how you plan on Implementing your AP bio class into your future career path.

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  4. Alysa, It certainly has been a long journey together and I have truly enjoyed journeying with you! Thank you for taking on the challenge of AP Bio so that we could work together again this year. You inspire me by the way you focus on achieving your dreams and I know you will accomplish whatever you choose to pursue. There are always bumps along the road, but you find ways to manage each and every challenge with a positive attitude. Your growth mindset shines through on each page and in each post on your site. There is so much of your personality expressed. You have been a great class cheerleader who always sought to motivate your AP Bio teammates to strive for learning. You have developed organizational skills that help you succeed. The way you have worked to connect the content of each season to your passion for food is interesting and engaging. I can’t wait to hear about your adventures in San Diego! Please remember to invite me to the grand opening of your restaurant!


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